Local Area Information

Dog-friendly Walks and Hikes​

Our 6 acres of hotel hotel grounds afford guests a leisurely 20 minute amble around the gardens and along the river. But if you’re looking to stretch your legs a bit more, Devon is full of footpaths, bridleways and public right of ways. To get you started, here are a few nearby walks for you and your four legged friend(s)!


Eggesford Forest Walks

The entrance to Eggesford forest is less than three minutes away by car. There are several off road trails to explore in Eggesford Forest including two loops (the longer of these may have animals grazing). There are picnic tables near the parking area. If you prefer to walk from the hotel, it is about 1.5 miles, mostly along single track paved roads or off road following this map.


Flashdown Wood Walk

Just two minutes drive, or a 20 minute walk (road) from the hotel, Flashdown Wood, or ‘Flashdown Plantation’ is a small woodland loop featuring plenty of small trails. The outside loop as indicated on the map is only about a mile (1.6km) in total and there are several cut throughs that can vary the length of the walk. The central thoroughfare, known as Tree Avenue, includes a commemorative stone marking 100 years of forestry.


Heywood Forest Walks

Heywood Forest is directly opposite the hotel on the other side of the river. Some people do wade across the river in the summer, but it is more usual to drive 5 minutes to the car park and start from there! Heywood Forest has a lot of trails and surface types for you to create your own route, but we’ve marked two loops to get you started, which can walked separately or combined for a longer walk.


Winkleigh Woods Walk

This woodland loop is completely off road and suitable for offlead dogs. There is parking for half a dozen cars near the entrance to the woods, about 7 minutes drive from the hotel, towards the town of Winkleigh. The inner loop indicated on the map is about 1.3 miles (2.1km). Most of the path is stone chipped so it doesn’t get too muddy.